Reach in merchandisers are designed to enhance your product sales through
improved merchandising. Global’s reach- in merchandisers offer the most features
available in the industry to enahnce your product sales as well as encourage
impulse sales. The LED Lighting in the cabinet provides excellent product
illumination, the glass doors offer the largest viewing areas available in the industry.
The units have top mount compressors and are available in 1 door (T30LGP) , 2 door
(T50LGP) and 3 door (T80LGP). The models may be placed side by side to create a
continuous merchandising look.


  • New compressor/refrigerant desing
  • CRO and TXV Valves
  • Microprocessor temperature controller with programmable defrost and LED digital display
  • LED Lighting
  • Auto Door Switch Technology
  • Full height glass doors
  • Energy star certified
  • Triple pane heated glass doors with heated perimeters and mullions
  • Largest glass viewing area available in the industry
  • Top Mount Compressor
  • Temperature Range 0˚F to -20˚F
  • Cantilever shelves will hold up to a maximum of 250lbs

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