Global Refrigeration manufactures hardening cabinets for the industry that
surpasses all other competitors with the quality, efficiency, innovation, reliability
and performance of the hardening cabinets. Global has established the industry
standard for hardening batch cases. The cabinets are available in one door
(T30HSP), and quad door models(T50HSQL and T50HSQHP) with temperature
ranges of 0˚F to -30˚F to 0˚F to -40˚F.


  • New refrigerant/compressor design
  • Microprocessor temperature controller with programmable defrost options with LED digital display
  • CRO and TXV valves
  • Auto Door Switch technology
  • Expansion valve refrigerant control provides quicker pull down and reduces compressor run time
  • Dual fan and extended evaporator coil produces lower frost accumulation
  • Heated drain pan dissipated condensation, no plumbing required
  • Fin & tube forced air evaporator and condenser

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